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I've got thirty days to make my wife fall in love with me.

"No one writes cowboys like Kim Loraine does!"- The Hatters Book Blog

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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…

Unless that includes waking up married, tattooed, and in bed with a reality TV star. Marrying the woman of my dreams shouldn’t be an issue, right? But it's a huge problem since my wife belongs on the other side of the long-running feud between the Ryker and the Wilde families.

Yes, TV viewers around the world, I'm Sutton Wilde and my new bride is none other than Sera Ryker.


The easy solution is to get a quickie divorce and move on...until the video of our wedding pops up all over social media the next day. Time for plan B -- stay married for thirty days to satisfy her TV contract and prevent a PR nightmare.

Trouble is, I’ve carried a torch for Sera Ryker for a long time, and she doesn't want to have anything to do with me. Guess that means I have thirty days to make my wife fall in love with me.

Game on.

Wild Ride - Kim Loraine - AUDIOBOOK COVE

Duet narration by Stella Hunter and Aaron Shedlock.

What happens when a Ryker and Wilde wake up in Vegas, in bed together, naked, and married?

Sutton Wilde and Sera Ryker are in for one wild ride.

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