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Erotic Paranormal Romance

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He wanted me for my blood...
Living on the run was all I'd ever known. My life was unstable, but at least I wasn't alone. That all changed when my mother was murdered.

I ran from the unknown creatures she'd always feared. Until the day I stopped being afraid.
That was my first mistake.
Cashel Blackthorne took me as his captive, but more than that, he opened my eyes to the terrible truth of the world.
Vampires exist, and I am the key to their salvation.

The Blackthorne vampires need my blood but their prince desires more--me.
There's something between us neither of us can deny.
He is my captor, but I'll be his ruin.

An entertaining and sensuous story that will leave you wanting more. Fans of True Blood will enjoy this vampire romance. -USA Today bestselling author Genevieve Jack

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Our story begins the same as any ill-fated romance. Two households, two families, two species that should never be together.
These are the recipe for tragic, beautiful love, fated to end in flames.

She is my doom. She is my destiny. Unavoidable, impossible to deny, and painful to ignore.

They call me Bastard Prince, a half-breed unworthy of a true title. But I still have to follow the rules. Serve the Blackthorne vampire bloodline.

A shifter and a vampire are forbidden to be together. The law declares it so. But Briar is mine, and I’ll fight family and constitution to the death in order to keep her.

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The Watcher series.


Thousands of years ago, I fell from Heaven to love a human woman. I willingly gave up my wings. Shunned my place in Heaven. Because she was all I needed. Then I lost her. My soul mate is here, somewhere, waiting for me to find her and claim her.


But Heaven and Hell are on the edge of war, and I'm the only one who can stop it.

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The Siren Coven.


We were cursed thousands of years ago after aiding a rogue angel. Our powers weakened, lives cut short, and we were forced to live lifetime after lifetime without love. But darkness is brewing and we've been reunited.


This time we'll break the curse and take back our destinies.


The Excalibur Duet. 


I spent my life in service to Arthur, loyal to Guinevere, and loved by them both. Until she ruined me. My Gwen had a secret she never shared in our past life together. She’s a witch, cursed to live forever, and she’s never forgiven me for what happened between the three of us.


The Excalibur Duet is a passionate urban fantasy retelling of one of the most famous love triangles in history. 

Available on AMAZON - FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

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As the vampire princess of the Night Court it's my duty to choose my human consort and make him my prince. Pick my husband and claim my place as Queen.

For two weeks I'll be in a paradise with four human men, all willing to be mine. Grab it Now!


A Reverse Harem Romance - FREE with Kindle Unlimited 

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