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Denying the Watcher - SIGNED

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I made a deal with a fallen angel and now it's time for him to collect.

I've been a vampire longer than I can remember. Taking the fallen angel's bargain in exchange for my soul's redemption seemed like a no brainer. Five years to enjoy myself, to get what I've been missing since I was turned, and to help fight the darkness threatening our world, then he takes over and I get Heaven.
But then I found her.
Willow is mine. I knew it from the moment I touched her. She is meant for me, my soul mate, but I can't stay.
My time is up.
I can't get out of my contract, but I can't leave Willow. I need to make an impossible choice.
Her or my soul.
Denying the Watcher is the second book in steamy paranormal Fallen Angel Trilogy.
It can be read as a stand-alone, but it is recommended that Waking the Watcher is read first.
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