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Releasing the Watcher - SIGNED

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I fell from Heaven to love her.

My Selah was forbidden, but I gave everything to have her. My wings, my place in Heaven. And then I lost her. I was cast out and doomed to live a half life until I was redeemed or she was returned to me. It's been thousands of years, but I won't stop looking.
I knew one day I'd find her again, but I never expected her to be in the arms of another man.
She doesn't remember me, or our past life together, but I'm not giving up. She'll be mine no matter what the cost. I'll do whatever it takes. Even if it means losing my hope for redemption.
I can't lose her again.
Releasing the Watcher is the third book in the steamy Fallen Angel Trilogy.
It can be read as a stand alone, but is best read after Waking the Watcher and Denying the Watcher.
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